cast iron sauce pot

  • Cast Iron Pot

    Quality: enameled solid cast iron pot provides superior heat distribution while providing superior quality. Durable: ergonomic stainless steel handle, oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Opalescent enamel surface design, anti - spot and anti - tarnish treatment. Reliable: cast iron, durable. Care: this cast-iron pan is convenient and compatible with all stoves. Easy, quick cleaning, enamel anti - stick coating. Cooking utensils need to be washed by hand; Do not use dishwasher.

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  • Cast Iron Sauce Pot

    Cast with high quality pig iron, pot body molding, is a good medium for cooking food, uniform heat conduction, heat storage capacity, strong and durable, cooking dishes original taste, through reasonable maintenance, can achieve the non-stick effect. Because it inner cream enamel,ouuer red enamel , give a person a high-end visual enjoyment. Even size of the capacity, is a good choice for baby food pot.

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