Cast Iron Teapot

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    Cast Iron Enamel Tea Pot With Cup

    Cast Iron Enamel Tea Pot With Cup

    It is made of iron and is good for your health.
    Girder twine twine, braided tight, anti - hot anti - slip.
    Delicate nettle, handle comfortable, simple and beautiful.
    The spout is a curved spout with graceful radian and broken water conservancy.
    Black ding pattern, exquisite craftsmanship, fine decoration, artistic value beautiful.

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  • Iron Teapot

    Iron Teapot

    Good heat preservation effect: because of the thick material of the iron pot and its good tightness, and the poor thermal conductivity of iron, the iron pot plays a good heat preservation effect on the temperature of the teapot in the process of making tea, which is the natural advantage that other teapot materials cannot compare.
    Tea charm is full: authentic iron pot is handmade by blacksmith. Every iron pot is made by blacksmith with his own thoughts and sweat. The patterns on it add a lot of atmosphere to drinking tea.

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