Cast Iron Casserole

  • cast iron cookware set

    cast iron cookware set

    Matrial: cast iron
    kinds: cast iron cookware set-13pcs
    coating: pot:inner cream enamel,outer color enamel
    pan:inner matt black enamel,outer color enamel
    Suitable for all kinds of stoves
    Long-term use is good for your health

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  • Cast Iron Enamel Pot

    Cast Iron Enamel Pot

    Pumpkin pot as the name suggests is the shape of pumpkin, beautiful shape, easy to use.
    Ideal for browning and slow cooking of meat, fish or vegetables.
    The enamel is perfect for particularly searing and is very durable.
    For all types of cookers, including induction, can be used in the oven/grill.

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  • Cast Iron Round Casserole

    Cast Iron Round Casserole

    There is enamel coating on the inside and outside.
    The lid creates a water cycle that prevents the loss of heat, water and nutrients.
    Stainless steel pan cover beads.
    It is convenient to clean and it is recommended to wash by hand.

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  • Cast Cookware

    Cast Cookware

    The tagi pot, also known as the micro pressure cooker, features a high cap.
    1. Because vegetables are basically sealed, they tend to spoil -- saving fire and resources.
    2. It is environmentally friendly and healthy because there is no oil smoke in the cooking process.
    3. Vegetables are stewed in a large pot and can be cooked in a short time, so it's easy.

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  • Casserole With Lid

    Casserole With Lid

    Ideal for simmering stews and soups, marinating roasts or poached chicken and fish. Vibrant, gradated porcelain enamel exterior finish offers a seamless and elegant stovetop to tabletop serving option.
    Heavy-gauge cast iron interior is coated with a smooth, off-white and easy-to-clean porcelain enamel finish. Enameled cast iron cover comes with an oven safe, solid cast stainless steel knob.
    Equipped with sturdy side handles for secure handling especially when cookware is filled to capacity.Compatible with gas, electric and induction cooktops.
    Oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Hand wash only.

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  • Enamel Pot

    Enamel Pot

    Size and capacity ensure that it can be used frequently in any kitchen, and they are convenient to use in a small kitchen and can be used to prepare proper meals for two people. The cooking process is greatly improved by distributing heat evenly and locking moisture in the pan. With ergonomic handle and high quality inner enamel layer to prevent breakage and facilitate cleaning.

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  • Hot
    Cast Iron Enamel Cookware

    Cast Iron Enamel Cookware

    This is a square iron pan made of pure iron.
    Inside is cream enamel, outside is deep green enamel, looks high-end, and easy to clean.
    A wide flat pan is more suitable for a variety of stews.
    Suitable for any stove except microwave oven.

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  • Cast Iron Enamel Casserole

    Cast Iron Enamel Casserole

    Benefits: Cooks tender food retaining the ingredients’ full flavour. Regular use intensifies flavour and aromas.
    Details: Available in different natural colours to enhance your table when serving directly in the cocotte. Decorative, nickel-plated lid knob or made of brass – heat-resistant up to 250°C/482°F.
    Special Feature:The self-basting system under the lid ensures a continuous circulation of moisture for natural basting. The pot cocotte retains 10% more moisture during the cooking process
    Application:Incredibly versatile: ideal for cooking stews, for searing, for slow-cooked dishes and even for bread! Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction hobs.
    Handling:Easy to use for both cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs.

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  • Mini Casserole

    Mini Casserole

    Cast iron enamel pot can reflect craft value more small, from boiler body to handle, every detail, every radian, it is the embodiment of masterly craft.
    Outside chromatic enamel, inside ivory enamel, smooth and exquisite, acid-alkali resistance is strong, won't produce chemical reaction with food, can serve as children complementary feed implement.
    Use range is wide, can be used at cooking range, gas, oven, electromagnetism furnace is waited a moment, cannot be used at microwave oven.

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