Zhangqiu Iron Pot And "ZWILLING"


If the lack of attractive national brands elevates consumption to overseas daigou and international brands, made-in-china will not only lose the advantage of "home", but also fall into the passive situation of increasingly tight market space

Not long ago, the documentary "a bite of China" broadcast with a product - zhangqiu iron pot, sales soared, a stream of buyers. Many people sigh with emotion, as long as the "36 thousand hammer, a hammer is not a few" spirit of the craftsman to play to the extreme, Chinese manufacturing can certainly be outstanding, stand on the high-end.

Can stand out from the fierce competition, zhangqiu iron pot is no doubt lucky. On the other hand, it might have remained obscure had it not been for its appearance on popular television shows. Unlike its instant popularity, the German kitchen appliance brand "shuangliren" has seen a steady rise in sales in China in recent years -- even though the price of its products is 10 times higher than that of the supermarket's affordable products, it still cannot stop a large number of consumers from buying. This is not only the stable quality that lets consumers off their guard, but also the good reputation accumulated over a hundred years, which is the power of a brand.

Creating brands and establishing famous brands is an effective way for enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and it is also an urgent task for Chinese manufacturers to achieve high-quality development. As per capita gni has exceeded $8,000, domestic market demand will continue to expand, consumption will accelerate and upgrade, and Chinese manufacturing will also embrace valuable opportunities from large to strong. However, if there is a lack of national brands attractive enough to upgrade consumption to overseas daigou and international brands, then made-in-china will not only lose the advantage of "home", but also fall into the passive situation of increasingly tight market space. To seize the opportunity to avoid passivity, only "to a made in China quality revolution".

The foundation of quality revolution lies in quality, while the difficulty lies in brand. In recent years, China's manufacturing enterprises have increasingly attached importance to product research and development, technological innovation and production control, and the improvement of product quality in various industries is obvious to all. Brand building, however, may be less consistent. In the coastal areas, some apparel enterprises had intended to run their own brands after many years of OEM, but this move invested in large, slow to take effect, simply back to stick brand, continue to depend on others.

For enterprises, they have the right to choose whether to contract or create brands, whether to operate high-end brands or target the mass market. However, for the whole of China's manufacturing, to move towards the middle and high end of the value chain, there really must be a number of world-renowned "pioneer" brands, so as to help improve the collective image and enhance competitiveness. In recent years, "China's name CARDS" such as high-speed rail and nuclear power have set sail and enjoyed a good reputation overseas. In fact, the rise of consumer goods brands is more likely to influence the judgment of Chinese consumers at home and abroad than the rise of these big powers. Unfortunately, we still call the current consumer goods brands or less, and more concentrated in the field of electronics.

Why is it so hard to build a brand? The reasons behind are very complex, from product design, research and development, production to marketing, advertising, to shaping the corporate image, to fulfill social responsibility and so on, which link has obvious shortcoming, the enterprise is very difficult to call out the brand. But stand on the outside of the enterprise, reason is very simple - still with good quality here in zhangqiu POTS, for example, the popular, had the chance to take on, but many local production enterprises, industry concentration degree is low, coupled with some bad imitation and counterfeit business enterprises take subordinate positions, a short time, the product quality on the market difficult points, butch, stumbled the horse leg of the brand. In contrast, in Germany, where the two men live, everyone dares to tell you with a clapping of the chest, "you can't buy a fake in our country", but there is still a gap between us.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Creating a good market environment conducive to brand building is not only the urgent need to eliminate the persistent problems of Chinese manufacturing, but also the key to the beginning of the quality revolution. People in violation of the rules of market should be severely punished, respect the market rule, is willing to make a brand enterprise can obtain the positive incentives, can be in practice for the road to success, we are the manufacturer also become possible from chapter grave POTS to "zwilling" cross, to share the real consumption upgrading of huge bonuses.

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